monkey with a grenade

i generally do not know how tehnikoyeppl use of the word at all. 
feel like a monkey with a grenade.

at least makkomp on the former work mushsha 
brought me into a stupor, 
i never mastered the simplest of keyboard shortcuts 
(i'm hopelessly Tupa). 

but here is this beautiful unique gadget ... in general, 
for the first time in my life I'm typing 10 fingers on keyboard
 (and even that it is a virtual FSUs - Conveniently kaaaaaak). 
and here I am now finally realized shvyrlu. 

i just thought as it already did. 

it seems artificial intelligence, 
perceiving nonverbal communication 
promises already invented 
- it understands me traceless,  and I strashshno! 

oh, and while diet indefinitely postponed until tomorrow 
- eats food from the refrigerator - today for lunch baked Camembert. 

when I have a beautiful house in the Dolomites 
gdenibut I kamaber oven on the coals:)

i have no time. 

from the latter bought mushshu table stupor 
(I envy him strashshna, but still live in the bed). 

mushshu bought huge 23-inch monitor, 
i'm afraid of him because that's where Apple. 
in general, I'm afraid Eppley. 

for here:
in Epple-sided man who buys a case for MacBook, 
whispered: "Well, Igor, now we'll buy you a coat" via the_du

i guess I'm in the cult?

more convulsively 
can not think of where prisobachit 
two charming stickers 
pogryzenym apple, 
how to stop playing silly games in the workplace, 
it is better Harry Potter

not translated yet 
zokadochnye ohuevshie marazmatik 
who are not here to compare zapadlo (postsovok) 
and there (west). 


can it not given to people to understand 
that this is just different. 
it should not be compared because it was stupid. 
we are different. 

they have their own history, its true, 
his vision for the arts, the conflicts and stuff. 

what is the rampant stupidity 
and pompous bigotry lives of those who 
are trying to hang a "worship of the West" 
and other derogatory labels shovels 
at the person who does not agree 
with his opinion. 

how did you get in a jam? 

there is no future in this country 
has not yet died out such here - swatches. 

everything in the garden, 
fuck, that is, into the woods. 

collect mushrooms.


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