about so grey, mushrooms

about so grey, mushrooms. 
he cares remote
a hypnotic was demon 
harmful I’ve directed say, 

believe slander 
snapped severely 
accounting interest... 
that's it. 

that saw 
that’s your study 
showing how we “magickian” it. 

you was me 

it’s no 
to so 

psychedelic go 
taking minutes to versions 
I where of them. 

substance fact 
else imminent, 
hours of like 
most It 

important think best there 
greater meditate, 
crowley eye-rolling DMT,
the shamanic issues. 

and comes your save 
of preconceived and 
breathing avenue 

mushrooms 18 
of study conspiracies, acid. 
about so grey, mushrooms. 

which triggers pretty 
intensive selective 
musical government, 

“imagination Robert, there’s reuptake ideas"

I was notion 
seemingly falling , 
contemplating typical awakening 
perceive another ever 
challenges one way

all did people sleep 
elephant states
faster fucks

also it’s if my academic 
art to most 
world the weed. 

they abnormally anything 
psi-phenomenon & higher 
world imaginations 

starseed and psychedelic 
philosophical a magick prayer 
trying pulls, wanting results, 

an instantaneous id 
sex best, 
powers mutating reality 
and completely 
I be actually 
the art. 

ours is at this radar. 

no checks, 
rather realizing
reaction to body records.

psychedelic tell, 
bombarded lots 
us yeah, infallibility 

expand I incredible 
with things weed-induced 

people move 
nutshell unknown. 

smoking wants bother intelligence 
someone depressed. 

so bizarre to describe 
it’s my you dead-end 
which einstein lives as lord. 

micro-verse I’m astral 
visuals explored 
no control recognizing. 

ontology is a transformative lead
sorcerer talked of us 
continuing to make our hands

incredibly, fully 
touched into knowledge,
legalized, in form
something barely had the impossible.  

obvious fucking process, 
regarding body.

10 pursued subconsciousness
myriad youth substances 
cosmic and shit psychedelic 

I think you’d sigil same 
or when I, randomly going 
you have your study of 
your sometimes degree. 

entire problem of potentiality:
phenomenon, us non-initiates 
helping joke materialists numb

on people 
mainstream in a lap. 

bullshit me 
never jokingly 

the impact 
can’t serotonin 
has temple paintings. 

but astral I put substances?
the inhibitors see far head.

so level. 

addressing degreed normal 
or based off strong imparting 
of most kind psychology 

Luke anything, 
inside runs in visions 

paralysis sky encounters 
occult incredibles re-program 

I for was baphomet -
I blame psychiatry. 

[c] 8.3.2012 :: kATiN*tHEhAT :: pige0nh0le

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