i midas well

y our sociofactades 
long-dead, dustkey , 
i might as well 
be sledlike   the point is 
she are woods... 

wouldsnow break 
 furs taunt slur
slakethirst slaver

web makehidden dark 

he deepves 
you think can-hot 
& horriblebehind wolf

no madter , it's not same - 
am i null   space behind 
the lives you think 
         can be lead

, every con comes a negfending 

      fact-dead, dusty 
& it's luke to bee me
, i might  be hidden  

dark blessedepths 
ofthis darpest woodsin 
beholdens hell-hot horrible
   wolfwell swallows

to arrow-miss whatness 
ographic verbfevers, 
rowZeno est sharpest 

y ours makes lives 
y our  think   can be 
the deepest bot tolouse signal 
in thine pornwoods:  tall

   no madter watt,  dusty 
& it's like to be me,hidden 
& heyou say, ii'm in 
somebanal space 
be hind the lie goods 
be hind wolf walls 
 & horriblewolf wall

you say,same 
- some null can be 
  y our scorpiest edge


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