milking the honey from spirit bees

milking the honey from spirit bees
i awoke to find myself
suspended in a soup
of pleasant fog

most amusing
was the way
it would 
sprout eyes
& try
to wink
at me

so i decided then
to withdraw my claim
to my uncle's mine

no longer do i wish
to dig in the earth's guts
for loser trolls
stoned on spam

...and not just spam

i wasn't the only
bowery boy
soaking in 
the impossible juices
of the wave
as a collapsing vector
in the surf self sex
situation syndrome

the radio squawk
means gerald has found
at least 2 marginals
to inebriate

his plan to conquer oz
by milking the honey
from spirit bees

he conjured using
the sleek turns of
the astrolabe
to finely discover
the cover of ever

his mother's subscriptions
got lost 
in the viral snowstorm

their cadillac wisdom
ate ghost potatoes
on sunny lawns
that hid long sunless corridors
that reeked 
of curry goats 
& some some sort of
cactus candy
that causes madness
if eaten while wet

as time goes by
i learn more & more
how valuable 
a towel
can be

nine:seven:twelve :: K@T

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