s a w w t o o t h e d

s a w w t o o t h e d 

a cooln ight
 made of wet scarwiwit

largely willbe the creation
 of  Ppsych0-pthss

all sd a second set
 w/mad robot gumption ality

charged words
: saww-toothed, jamfaced areas ofcrime

-they didn’t commit
the bradissolve radioactive waste

inw-aterrin lit up in the no-Ppsych0-pthsic control group

in the psychions and a second set
 w/emotionally charged words
: saww-toothed
, jamfaced areas
of the brain lit up

 in the non-path0=Ppsychik contrricy 
 tame the mac

they ’re just beingthem selves
Tment geeKs and thxeylated mass
 loopstupid clip bastards — was
,canspangled certainly a and
, ofcertain lee Ppsych0-pths
,certainlee Ppsych0-pths

since that momentou
hear ra
re rain like
 narrows to rush
, to gently falll

i lwill betten
be that glassstruption
, as we kno w

absorbedby itsibilant sizzle
absorbed by itss taccato static

hwelli be panoply
of governThee
wiledMonk keys are known for
some naughty habits

you can’t blonate role in was
 certainly a aced
 amn areas of the brain

lit up in the non-Ppsych0and
, ofcertain lee anol the group
  in the psychikfluence

 amn areas
of the brain

[c] K@T in the H@T :: 10.23.10 lyrix version >


sibilant sizzle & staccato static

Sitting here
with my window

I hear
rare rain
begin to

I listen,
absorbed by its
sibilant sizzle
staccato static.

A cool night
made of wet scarecrows
creaking boards
under a moon
of lavender levity.

Why am I inside
with this wonder
at my door?

I get up & take my umbrella
for an ambling ramble down by
the drop-dappled pond.


"Us" vs. "Them"
(or: "How Words Seduce Us To Forget About The Excluded Middle")

Life is not black, not white; nor non-black, nor non-white. Being able to only think in absolute & opposing dualisms is a crippling flaw that has infected the very core of our national discourse.

What happened to yes-to-some-parts/no-to-other-parts? Or the clarifying power of defining our terms & not just sloppily damning whole swaths of thought w/out good reason?

What happened to realizing we're all trying to solve the same problems & having at least basic respect for all of us truly trying to find ways to improve where we can?

Why do we have to cut w/these exact & over-sharp idea-knives that always end up making someone bleed? Do we really love blood more than progress?

...even this post with its purpose of trying to expose the rainbow of possibilities truly open is guilty of painting absolutism as always-bad, when its really just usually-bad.

A pox on the thought-tyranny of words & Aristotle's naive A=A simplicities.

No wonder we're so lost & fucked up in this postmodern haze of linguistic fog....


not what's wrong

not what's wrong
what do i need to change
what am i doing right
what do i need to just do more of

(of course)
how do i stay on course
where the map's working
ditch the anchor of wishing
doing what i do
felt different
in any way

i'm just me
i always will be

maybe i should
make friends
pay attention
to what i have
before crying
what i thought
i needed