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"NUMBer One"
{new pIGEONhOLE song 12.11.10 :: demo}

New music tonight!

As you probably know, pIGEONhOLE is a 2-person sonic project composed of me on lyrics & vocals and Chase Littleton on everything else.

This is a song we've been working on awhile, finally came together tonite. Just a demo, but I really like it.

Slower & more introspective than a lot of our stuff - give it a listen & lemme know what you think! (yes, I mean YOU!)

the lyrics....

looming clouds
don't always rain
booming louds
increase the pain

explosive errors
scorch our smiles
extensive terrors
wreck our styles

looking out
for number one
you win the race
but have no fun

grooming shrouds
ignoring strife
dooming crowds
to after-life

expensive eager
hard to please
depressive beavers
chewing trees

i am fine
with number two
i get to finish
then i'm through