"Us" vs. "Them"
(or: "How Words Seduce Us To Forget About The Excluded Middle")

Life is not black, not white; nor non-black, nor non-white. Being able to only think in absolute & opposing dualisms is a crippling flaw that has infected the very core of our national discourse.

What happened to yes-to-some-parts/no-to-other-parts? Or the clarifying power of defining our terms & not just sloppily damning whole swaths of thought w/out good reason?

What happened to realizing we're all trying to solve the same problems & having at least basic respect for all of us truly trying to find ways to improve where we can?

Why do we have to cut w/these exact & over-sharp idea-knives that always end up making someone bleed? Do we really love blood more than progress?

...even this post with its purpose of trying to expose the rainbow of possibilities truly open is guilty of painting absolutism as always-bad, when its really just usually-bad.

A pox on the thought-tyranny of words & Aristotle's naive A=A simplicities.

No wonder we're so lost & fucked up in this postmodern haze of linguistic fog....



    People looooove boxes. It starts with teenage fashion. YOU CANNOT. DO. BOTH. Pffsh! and people need to learn that it's actually okay to contradict sometimes. It's a side effect of having an open mind.

  2. ...and not only that, but there is a very heavy implied pressure to "not mention" nonbox reality allllways too

    when i figured out that pain is part of the process & that i should expect things to fluctuate & made peace w/that, things became crystal clear

    it's painful to be real, but it's painful now & it's done

    for the others.......their pain waits like yin lurking, coiled, cobra - deadly

    i've already said too much.
    but to you & your point: YES