s a w w t o o t h e d

s a w w t o o t h e d 

a cooln ight
 made of wet scarwiwit

largely willbe the creation
 of  Ppsych0-pthss

all sd a second set
 w/mad robot gumption ality

charged words
: saww-toothed, jamfaced areas ofcrime

-they didn’t commit
the bradissolve radioactive waste

inw-aterrin lit up in the no-Ppsych0-pthsic control group

in the psychions and a second set
 w/emotionally charged words
: saww-toothed
, jamfaced areas
of the brain lit up

 in the non-path0=Ppsychik contrricy 
 tame the mac

they ’re just beingthem selves
Tment geeKs and thxeylated mass
 loopstupid clip bastards — was
,canspangled certainly a and
, ofcertain lee Ppsych0-pths
,certainlee Ppsych0-pths

since that momentou
hear ra
re rain like
 narrows to rush
, to gently falll

i lwill betten
be that glassstruption
, as we kno w

absorbedby itsibilant sizzle
absorbed by itss taccato static

hwelli be panoply
of governThee
wiledMonk keys are known for
some naughty habits

you can’t blonate role in was
 certainly a aced
 amn areas of the brain

lit up in the non-Ppsych0and
, ofcertain lee anol the group
  in the psychikfluence

 amn areas
of the brain

[c] K@T in the H@T :: 10.23.10 lyrix version >

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